Princess Pig

What’s in a name? Pig finds out on a windy day after a princess’ sash flies off during the Picawash County Farm Show Parade. When the pig awakens bedecked by the errant sash, she wonders if she is indeed a princess. Several animals try convincing her otherwise: how can she be a princess without a crown, without a gold necklace, and smelling like a pig? Pig dons a teacup crown, fashions a flower necklace, rolls in honeysuckle to smell better, and convinces most of the other animals that she is indeed a princess. The text strikes a chord akin to Charlotte’s Web when gullible visitors and the media arrive at the farm to view the fabulous princess pig. Alas, Pig finds the royal life doesn’t suit her after all, and she is eager to return to being just a pig. In watercolors and colored pencils, Bowers uses the animals’ facial expressions to create delightful personalities. A humorous read-aloud for storytime.

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