Feathers - Poems about Birds

This poetry collection features 27 short, rhyming poems, each written about a different species and brightly illustrated on a single- or double-page spread. Some of the verses are addressed to a particular bird, while others make observations or provide information about it. In a few cases, readers may be left wondering if the words in the rhymed verse represent fact or fancy, as in "Playful toucan / plucks a berry / tosses it / to toucan two." In most cases, these questions are answered in the appended notes, which also give a few miscellaneous facts about each bird mentioned. McCue's accessible watercolor-and-acrylic paintings often show the birds in action. Third-grade readers will be able to read the poems on their own; however, younger children may enjoy hearing them read aloud. For larger collections. Carolyn Phelan Copyright American Library Association.